Introduction to the Architecture of Malta

Malta’s architectural landmarks form a journey through the islands’ exciting past as each building – from the prehistoric temples to the grand Baroque churches – is a “witness in stone” keeping history alive.

Introduction Prehistoric Architecture in Malta

Situated 80 kilometres south of Sicily and 370 kilometres east of the Tunisian coast, the island of Malta appears to have been first settled during the early Neolithic period by a wave of immigrants from Sicily. This appearance of Neolithic settlement is however strongly challenged by new research concerning a probable Paleolithic influence. According to […]

Medieval Architecture

As may be seen in the typical, cube-shaped houses that survive from medieval times to the present day, Malta’s medieval architecture was set by climate and lifestyle as well as Sicilian and Arab influences. Built on one or two floors, such houses face south for maximum sun exposure, with courtyard loggias to trap the winter […]

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